Activities With Fees

Because we do our best to keep admission fees cost effective, there are some activities that we must charge independently to ensure that only those who want to participate will have to incur the added costs. These activities cost Raprager Family Farms extra due to the cost of gems, paint, food and other consumable costs. We feel they are still a huge value to give families the opportunity to participate even with the nominal extra fees.

Gem Mining
There are several sizes of gems you can mine for with lots of special extras if you so desire. Here are some of the base fees.

$12.50 Small
$17.50 Medium
$25.00 Large
$35.00 Giant

Pony Rides
These ponies are sweet and hard working. Our handlers are experienced and patient. You will love your child’s first (or 10th) pony rides experience. Children must be able to walk and weigh under 80lbs. All proceeds go directly to the care and maintenance of the ponies.

1 Lap $10.00

Face Painting
Full and Half Face Painting is usually available (depending on face painter availability). Face painter has discretion to limit availability based on line/demand.

$10.00 Partial
$15.00 Full

Feed The Cows

$3.00 Per 7 large pieces of romaine lettuce.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is super fun and you get 5 to 10 FREE throws. This is something others charge from $40 to $60 per hour. If you want to play a more competitive time intensive game then the fee is …

$10 per person