We are listening… be patient!

Dear Neighbors,

We understand that our business has on occasion created some inconveniences to your normal daily routines, specifically during our festivals. We want you to know that we are aware and we are making changes to improve the situation. Please remember that solutions can’t always occur overnight no matter how much effort. Please be patient.


We are working with the Sheriff’s Department who will soon be providing assistance with traffic control.

We have substantially increased our staff at great cost to provide parking assistance to help people park and leave faster, keeping Boy Scout Rd clear.

We have moved the entrance booth where we collect parking fees farther in property so we can get more vehicles on property instead of waiting in line on Boy Scout Rd.

We are moving to a scheduled ticket that requires time slots to mitigate the bottleneck caused when more vehicles arriving then parking spots available.

We have purchased more land for overflow parking.


We are now doing live entertainment during our festivals and have acquired some really amazing speakers. It is taking some time to work with the performers to set the volumes at a reasonable setting for their individual needs. Here is what we have done and will do in the near future to help with this situation.

Monitor the decibels at our property line.

Only have performances at reasonable times. Most entertainment will be finished by 9pm and not start until after 9am.

Make sure artists are determining the volume and sound needs before the festival and not experimenting on the fly.

While we will not be able to completely eliminate all noise from our sound system, take comfort that our biggest festival season is only 11 weekends and we will ensure that we are in compliance with local and county noise ordinances.

We greatly appreciate your support and we look forward to becoming a part of your family’s holiday traditions.

Raprager Family Farms. Where Everyone’s Welcome, Everyone’s Family.

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