No Pets or Service Animals Allowed

First, we hate this policy also…

Raprager Family Farms is a working farm first and foremost. We are open to the public to share the joy of the country, love of farm life, and to educate and enhance our patrons lives.

With that said, we have a bio-security program in place in order to protect our animals and yours. Animals brought in from outside our farm could potentially bring disease or worms or some other foreign body that could cause substantial harm to our animals and vice versa, costing us the hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in our animal program.

Furthermore, we have several animals as part of our animal experience who are natural prey of dogs. The presence of an unfamiliar canine could cause those animals to behave erratically. This would pose an immediate threat to the patrons interacting with those animals on the pasture, especially small children.

Finally, we have guardian dogs who are extremely friendly to humans but are instinctively programmed to protect our livestock from coyotes, bobcats, fox, panthers, and wild canine. Even if your animals are not threatening, they could be perceived as a threat and could be harmed.

We understand your love and in some cases absolute need to have your animal with you. However, it is our duty to protect the health and safety of our livestock and patrons. Allowing outside animals onto our farm would prohibit us from doing so.

If you need special accommodations due to this policy, please contact us in advance, and we will see what other options may be available to aid your visit. Thank you for your understanding.

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